Fine art. Robotics. LGBT+ voices.

Ahead of the LGBT+ VC 2024 Summit, we're collaborating with queer founded and led art-tech startup Acrylic Robotics (creating a whole new medium of fine art for the modern age; backed by Seqouia Scout Fund; exhibited at Art Basel Miami) to release a limited run of robotically-created, human-perfected paintings. Designed by an emerging non-binary artist, this exclusive collection celebrates how far we've come and the brilliant future we're building together.

Other pieces from this series will be gifted to the collections of the Museum of Arts and Design and the American LGBTQ+ Museum - so you will truly own a piece of history.

Proceeds help support LGBT+ VC's charitable work and a new era of prosperity for queer artists

The Collection: Place d'Armes

Conflict and closure, as well as new beginnings and new wealth are themes heavily baked into these pieces— of the calm after the storm, the pride in realizing your structure withstood the fall. I sit in a crucial place in history in societal change and the intersection of art and technology. These pieces are reflective, yet celebratory; looking back on queer history and its conjunction with art, and building on it into the contemporary queer future, of exploring androgyny, diversity, and self-community discovery.

- Sie Douglas-Fish, artist

Introducing the Aurograph™

Acrylic Robotics has created a new way of making painted artwork at scale that is indistinguishable from painting by hand - featuring all the texture, luster, layers and rich pigments of the original, as intended by the artist.

Each piece is custom-painted with your name on it and gifted with an accompanying timelapse video of the robot bringing the design to life.

  • 1.5" thick gallery canvas
  • Premium grade acrylic paints
  • Hand-embellished by the artist
  • Signed by the artist and machine-signed by the robot

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About Acrylic Robotics

Designed by humans, painted by robots.

Montreal-based, queer-led startup Acrylic Robotics is pioneering the world’s first way to create beautiful painted artworks at scale using cutting-edge robotics and AI. By creating a whole new medium of fine art for the digital age, they are championing a new business model for artists to make more money selling their works and radically challenging the notion that painted art should be reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

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About the Artist

Sie Douglas-Fish (they/them) is a professional digital and analog painter and illustrator from the lands of the Secwépemc nation (100 Mile House, BC) currently living and working on the lands of the Kanienʼkehá꞉ka people (Montréal, QC). An award-winning artist, Sie holds a BFA of Visual Arts from the University of Victoria. With experience in numerous group and solo gallery shows, Sie is a robotic art pioneer and has been working closely with Acrylic Robotics to usher in the future of art one stroke at a time.